Optimizing Your Web Marketing Content for Maximum Profits – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • Do you know what questions your customers have before making a purchase?
  • Why does extensive content on every web page enhance conversion?
  • Why do most web designers think that content doesn’t matter?

In the Twin Cities area and elsewhere, typical web designers will try their very best to impress their clients with pretty photos, while insisting that text content isn’t really all that important. There’s a reason they do that. Most web designers are graphic artists and consider images and other design elements to be most important. They think that people will take action after seeing how eye-pleasing a website is. They believe that site visitors are impressed with graphics and fancy fonts and logos. They’re just flat wrong, and their clients suffer from their focus on the look and feel instead of the substance of their websites. They simply don’t understand why people really come to business sites.

Almost every prospective customer who lands on a web page got there after a search on Google or another search engine. People type search phrases to find information, solve a problem, or to find a particular product or service. They’re hungry for detailed facts that help them make a purchase decision. If they don’t find them after clicking through to a site at the top of a search results page, they’re frustrated and leave to try a different site. Here’s the bottom line: Graphical images and fancy logos tell nothing about your products and services. In contrast, detailed, in-depth information sells, and successful sales depend on expertly written, compelling marketing content that informs and motivates.

Why Weak Content Fails to Attract, Retain and Convert Visitors

At eRevamp, the most experienced web design, SEO and online marketing firm in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we evaluate existing websites daily for prospective clients. Our analysis shows that skimpy, poor-quality content is the most common reason those sites don’t generate enough sales and rank low on search engines. All too often, we see the same thing that visitors see: Bright, fancy graphics that dominate the browser display, but little to no visible information that is relevant to the products and services provided by the business. Here are the factors that make those low-content sites almost useless to their owners:

Web Design, SEO and Copywriting Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

As a business owner, you expect your internet marketing investment to create sales and profits for your company. eRevamp understands that very well. That’s our goal for every project. Our website designs always include the features that are proven to attract, retain and convert visitors into the leads, customers and clients you need. eRevamp’s professional writers have decades of experience in marketing copywriting that helps build confidence in your potential customers and optimize your website for high search engine rankings. Every page we create is designed to provide the highly relevant, compelling content Google searchers demand. Our industry-leading retention and conversion rates provide real results for our clients. We’ll be glad to show you what we’ve achieved. Contact us for a free evaluation of your current internet marketing and a consultation. You’ll get frank, no-nonsense information and a competitive price quote for a project to power-up your search engine marketing.