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  • Do you know why most websites need a complete redesign?
  • What are the main problems that make a website ineffective?
  • Why doesn’t your website rank high at search engines?

For far too many businesses, large and small, internet marketing isn’t working. Some owners have actually given up and are trying to build business by using old-fashioned marketing strategies. Others are pouring money down the drain on social media campaigns that are doomed from the start. In almost every case, the problem has its roots in websites that lack search engine optimization and information useful to potential customers. No matter how much money is spent on a site, if its design doesn’t attract, retain, and convert visitors, it simply can’t generate the leads and customers every business needs. If that’s your situation, eRevamp can help you reboot your marketing with a fresh redesign that has SEO built in it.

Each year, eRevamp provides free evaluations of online marketing efforts to companies in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota. Often, what we find in our analysis is that the web performance is being crippled by a poorly designed, almost useless website. In many cases, the site can’t even be found by people searching for products and services on the internet. In other situations, we see that almost all site visitors leave in less than a minute. They found little or no information and nothing more than some pretty graphics. We explain these problems and propose a complete redesign. Time and time again, our clients report that our fresh, intelligent approach and powerful search engine optimization have turned their business around. Here are some of the design issues that keep search engine and internet marketing strategies from succeeding:

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If your current internet marketing strategy is not producing the results you expected or were promised, you owe it to yourself to contact us. At no charge to you, we’ll analyze your current website and online marketing. We’ll help you understand why they’re not working for you. Then, we’ll propose a cost-effective redesign to provide you with the powerful, business-building impact that has earned eRevamp unmatched reputation. We won’t make empty promises; we’ll give you genuine results, based on our proven track record. Our designs look terrific where it counts: on your bottom line.