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  • How do you tell if an SEO company can deliver what they promise?
  • Why is the most important factor in website optimization?
  • Are there any tricks that can guarantee top search results rankings?

Among all the search engines on the internet, Google owns about 70% of the market. The reason is easy to understand. Google succeeds best in sending searchers to websites that provide exactly what they searched for. Yahoo and Bing have been improving their ranking algorithms, but their search results quality is still not high enough to dominate the market. That’s why everyone working in the SEO business focuses on getting top Google rankings.

An entire industry has grown up to try to second-guess Google and figure out how to optimize websites in a way that is guaranteed to get them to top rankings. Countless websites and blogs offer advice and tips on web optimization. Expensive seminars and training sessions capitalize on the need for information about search engine optimization. With every change Google makes in its algorithms, a flurry of “experts” rushes to explain the latest “tricks” web designers and optimizers can use to compensate for those changes. Here’s the truth: All of that activity is really a waste of time and money. It’s just guesswork and can’t provide reliable results.

What Does Google Ranking Optimization Have to Accomplish

The SEO professionals at our Minnesota web design and SEO company have been following search engines closely since the very beginning. Instead of listening to so-called experts, we do our own research and analysis. While the details of exactly how websites are ranked are closely guarded trade secrets, we can gain valuable insights and apply our knowledge to our work. In recent years, Google’s two major updates of ranking algorithms, called “Panda” and “Penguin,” sent the SEO world into a tizzy. The changes they included caused millions of websites to suddenly lose their high rankings, while other websites, like those we have designed and optimized, rose to the top. That told us that we were on the right track with our practices, and confirmed what we knew all along. Here’s what Google wants from websites and what they reward with top rankings:

Our Ongoing Site Optimization Services Sustain Top Rankings

While Google’s goals may seem simple, meeting them fully is complex and requires painstaking work. For each website we optimize, we apply sophisticated techniques and methods developed through extensive research. Since ranking algorithms are constantly fine-tuned and modified, continuing optimization over time keeps the projects we manage on top of search results and steadily improves their rankings. Our superb results are a clear demonstration of the extent of our understanding and our ability not only to track Google’s changes but to anticipate them. We don’t use tricks or the latest SEO fads. We work to understand what actually works and build those strategies into every site we design. Others try to react to every change; we succeed by giving search engines exactly what they look for in the websites we build for our clients, page by page and top to bottom.

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Do you want your business website to have outstanding rankings for a wide range of searches? Would you like to see your pages dominate search engine rankings while competing pages disappear from view? Call eRevamp to see the consistently results. The proof of success is results, not promises. We’ll evaluate the SEO of your current site at no charge, and give you a cost-effective price quote for one-time or continuing site design and optimization that will give you the edge. We’d love to talk to you and help you turn your internet marketing strategy into an engine that drives a steady stream of new leads and sales to your door.