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  • Does your web design company have a well-optimized, high-ranking site?
  • Did you know that most web design firms don’t really design anything?
  • How do you tell if your web site was built from a cheap, generic template?

When you talked to your previous web development company about your business website, did they show you a wide range of attractive home page designs? Did you pick from designs that were related to your type of business, full of attractive graphics and fonts? If so, odds are that you were looking at pre-built templates, not original work. There are literally tens of thousands of low-cost templates available to anyone who wants to use them. For a surprisingly low price of $50 to $100, web developers buy a template and then quickly fill it with your business information and some limited content. That’s how some companies finish jobs quickly and publish them right away. You pay a high price for the project, but you don’t get your money’s worth.

Later, you discover that your attractive website is nothing more than an expensive online business card that produces no new profits and can’t be found anywhere at Google. As Minnesota’s leader in web development, search engine optimization and internet marketing, we are often asked to evaluate existing websites by companies that are dissatisfied with their marketing performance. All too often, we discover that most of these low-performing sites were built from one of these stock templates and never had a chance to succeed. We don’t like giving that news to prospective clients, but it happens all the time. Here’s why websites created that way can’t possibly bring in the new business you need for success in a competitive marketplace:

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Did a web development company that didn’t actually design anything get your business? If so, you’re not alone. Websites built with stock templates can never produce effective Google rankings or deliver the leads and customers you need. Don’t spend another cent on a site like that. Contact eRevamp right away. We’ll evaluate your current internet presence at no charge to you and let you know where and why it is failing. We’ll show you how our custom-designed, expertly optimized websites have performed for our satisfied clients and give you a competitive price quote for a new search engine marketing strategy. eRevamp can help you get outstanding results and an excellent return on your investment.