Most Minnesota Web Designers Ignore the 6 Important Website Design Essentials

  • Do you know why most web sites rarely attract visitors from search engines like Google?
  • Does your website help your potential customers make decisions?
  • Do you know why most visitors leave within 30 seconds after landing on a website?

After 20 years of internet growth, you’d think that every company that designs websites would understand how to harness the power of search engines to grow revenues and profits. Sadly, most website designers simply don’t get it. Businesses regularly invest large sums to create marketing strategies they hope will bring in streams of new leads and sales, only to see their money wasted on websites that simply can’t work. At eRevamp, a leader in web design and search engine optimization in Minnesota, we believe that business owners should understand the essential ingredients of successful internet marketing.

We’ve been building highly effective sites for our clients since the internet began. We have constantly studied actual site performance and search engine ranking technology. We have tracked consumer actions when they use web pages. As a result, eRevamp’s designs are based on proven concepts that really deliver new business revenues for clients. Our outstanding reputation is unmatched. Below, we want to share with you what we have learned. Here are the top priorities every website should achieve. Far too many design companies ignore these simple facts and refuse to adapt to what works:

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Before investing your marketing budget in internet strategies for your business, make sure your designer really understands the good practices that ensure you an effective marketing campaign. Insist on seeing the increased leads and sales they have achieved for their clients. Those results are the only true measure of value received. At our Twin Cities web design, search engine optimization and internet marketing firm, our entire eRevamp team focuses its efforts on building Google-friendly optimized websites that give visitors an outstanding experience. The business-building results we’ve achieved for our many long-term clients tell our story of success. Contact eRevamp today to discuss your marketing issues. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation evaluation of your current internet marketing and consult with you. We’ll give you a competitive, cost-effective price quote for a fresh approach and show you how we have succeeded for our satisfied clients.