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  • Does your website have valuable information that competing websites don’t have?
  • Did you know that website visitors eagerly read informative content?
  • How does dynamic, informative content lead to leads and sales?

There’s only one way to measure the success of your internet marketing. If your website sends you a steady stream of motivated leads and customer contacts, it’s worth every penny you spent on its design. If it doesn’t do that, you’re not getting the return on investment you deserve. Frankly, most business websites fail to accomplish that goal. There are many reasons for that failure, but one of the most important reasons is poor salesmanship. If you hired a salesperson who couldn’t generate any revenues for your business, you’d soon fire that person and hire someone who could. Typical business web sites, created by graphics-oriented design companies, are a lot like that incompetent salesperson. Is it time to fire your current web design firm and hire one that will boost your revenue growth?

Your website is your online sales staff. It’s on the job around the clock, every day of the year. If it doesn’t produce profitable revenues for you, it’s time for a change. Every visitor to your site is like someone who walks in your door. They arrive needing a product or service. What happens next determines whether the person decides to do business with you. A member of your sales team offers a greeting, discovers what is needed, gives the potential customers relevant information, answers questions, and provides the motivation that closes the deal. The marketing content on your site performs the same functions. How effectively it accomplishes its job is a huge factor in the number of leads and sales that your web site generates. The professional marketing copywriters at eRevamp, the top-rated Minnesota web design and SEO company, have extensive experience in web-based marketing. Here’s how our dynamic compelling copywriting gets the job done:

Marketing-Based Web Design, SEO and Content Services – Twin Cities, MN

Competition on the internet for customers’ attention is intense. Only through effective search engine optimization, results-oriented web design and top-notch marketing content can your business attract, inform and convert search engine users into the active customers and clients you need. As a top-rated leader in all these areas, eRevamp has been providing outstanding results for clients since the internet began. We can do the same for your company. Whether you are starting a new business or are dissatisfied with your current internet marketing, call us to put eRevamp’s search engine marketing power to work for you. We’ll consult with you and evaluate your current website at no charge. Then, we’ll give you a cost-effective price quote for a powerful marketing project. Let us show you the results we’ve obtained for our clients. There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.