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When you talk to most web designers, they’ll tell you that the words on your website aren’t really that important. If you believe them, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise once your new site is launched. Well-written marketing content, and plenty of it, is an essential element in bringing in the visitors, leads, customers and sales you need. Here’s the real reason web designers minimize the importance of content: It costs them money. To get professional marketing content, the web design company has to pay for it. When you are quoted for a price for a web design, all written materials are included in that price. Every dollar spent on words is a dollar that doesn’t get deposited in the web development company’s bank account.

The fact is that marketing copy is at the center of the user experience on every site. It provides the information visitors are looking for when they search for products and services. When they land on a web page and don’t see relevant information immediately, they click the Back button and return to search results. Whenever visitors leave a site without exploring its content, the design has failed to retain them. Skimpy, poorly written content and text that fails to deliver a good user experience won’t convince visitors to take action and become customers. Worst of all, if there isn’t enough SEO-friendly material to contain keywords and phrases that are relevant to common searches in your industry, search engines won’t give your website top rankings or bring their users. At the links below, you’ll learn more about the powerful role content plays in internet marketing:

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Unlike most Twin Cities web designers, we treat all elements of the websites we design as important factors for success. We understand exactly what Google is looking for in ranking sites in search results and know that dynamic, compelling SEO content makes a huge difference in attracting visitors. We also know that retaining and converting web traffic into leads and sales is a crucial goal that depends greatly on reader-friendly writing. That’s why eRevamp has professional copywriters with decades of experience. The proof of this comes when we look at the outstanding successes our clients report. Every factor of web design and implementation plays a powerful role. When you hire us, you get the best efforts of our extraordinary, talented team. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your existing website and a price quote for a fresh new approach to your internet marketing. You’ll be glad you did.