Monitoring Website Performance Metrics with Google Analytics – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • Do you know what visitors actually do on your website?
  • Why didn’t your web designer tell you how to monitor your site’s traffic?
  • How much do you know about your website visitors?

Once your business website is online, that should never be the end of the story. Monitoring its performance metrics is a crucial way to gain insight into how to maximize your website’s effectiveness. The key tool for this monitoring is Google Analytics. Every site that is designed and optimized by eRevamp, the top-rated Minneapolis web design and SEO company, is constantly monitored with Google Analytics. Why is that important? By studying the data collected, our continuing SEO services can steadily improve performance for the site as a whole and for individual pages. By making changes based on visitors’ behavior, we gain valuable insight into what customers want, so we make our clients’ websites work even better. Some of the things we learn from Google Analytics include:

How We Use Google Analytics Metrics to Improve Your Website

At eRevamp, for clients who hire us for continuing SEO services, monitoring analytical data is an important part of how we help sites perform better over time. In some cases, we’ll add pages to provide more information to visitors if analytics identify that need. We also frequently adjust keyword and search phrase choices, placement and density to improve optimization and attract more high quality, motivated visitors to individual landing pages. Improvements in page content can often increase conversion rates as well. Our regular monitoring lets us spot weak areas on the site, too, and make corrections to improve performance. Ongoing additions and adjustments will steadily improve visitor retention and conversion and increase your revenues.

We Encourage Clients to Monitor Their Own Websites

Most web design companies don’t tell their clients about this powerful tool. That’s because they don’t want them to know how poorly their designs are working. We take a completely different approach. We help our clients learn how to use web performance metrics to monitor their own sites and pages. The experts at eRevamp always stand by to assist them in understanding what the analytics numbers can tell them about site performance and set up easy access to this data for them. We’re happy to consult at any time about site metrics and to suggest ways we can improve SEO, the visitor experience and conversion. We work with every client as a team, always with the goal of maximizing return on their internet marketing investment.

Performance-Oriented Web Design, SEO and Marketing Services in Minneapolis St. Paul

Most web designers quickly build a site for their clients, collect their fees, and move on to the next project. Their concern about how your site actually performs is minimal. As a proven leader in web design and search engine marketing, we know that regularly monitoring analytics data and refining of individual pages and the entire website can steadily improve its success in increasing revenues. Working closely with our clients in an ongoing relationship is our recipe for maximizing profitability. Contact eRevamp today to put us on your team. We’ll evaluate your current site and internet marketing and give you a price quote for a project that will give you the results you need for growth. We’ll be happy to show you the results we’ve achieved for our clients.