Search Engine Optimization and Website Conversion Services in Minnesota

  • Do high Google rankings guarantee more leads and sales?
  • Why is visitor conversion the real goal you should seek?
  • How do you design websites to promote conversion?

Without effective SEO that delivers top organic search engine rankings for your company’s website, high volume contacts and sales are pretty much impossible. That’s why professional optimization is crucial for every site. As the Twin Cities leading web design and search engine marketing firm, eRevamp has been helping businesses in all sectors achieve outstanding Google rankings since the internet began. Our strong track records tell that story. We also know, however, that high rankings and more web traffic alone are not enough to ensure strong revenue growth and increased profits. The ultimate goal of effective internet marketing is to increase sales, leads, and new customers.

Getting people to your web pages is just the first step. What happens after they arrive is what really matters. Your high rankings produce nothing if visitors leave your site without finding what they look for. An effective website needs to provide adequate information to answer visitors’ questions and provide solutions to their problems. It also needs to make it easy for visitors to find the information and do an excellent job of motivating them to make contact. Ask yourself this question: Would you rather have 10,000 page visits per week that result in 10 actual sales, or 2,500 visits per week that lead to 100 sales? The answer is obvious. Converting web visitors into active, motivated leads and sales is the real goal. That’s the job of your website’s design and marketing content.

Retention and Conversion Require Focused Site Design and Excellent Content

Too many web design companies simply don’t bother to create websites that sell. They don’t know what visitors expect to find once they land on a page on your business website. They think that beautiful graphics and clever logos will deliver the sales you need. They believe that marketing content is unless and web visitors don’t like to read. The truth is that web visitors are very selective in what they read. If a website has outstanding, highly informative content, visitors will read it. eRevamp is not just a successful SEO company. Our team of designers and marketing copywriters has the experience, training and expertise to give your visitors exactly what they need and help convert them into motivated leads and customers. Here are some of the factors that accomplish that goal:

Providing a Rewarding User Experience Is Key to SEO and Web Conversion

When we evaluate existing websites for our potential clients in our free initial consultation process, we’re often surprised at what we find. Many websites appear to be designed only to appeal to the business owner’s ego, through graphics and fancy design features. We often see little that appeals to visitors. As a successful, trusted web design and SEO firm in Minnesota, the specialists at eRevamp know that such sites are designed to send visitors directly to their browsers Back button. High bounce rates are common with these websites, which always have dismal conversion rates. When we design a website, we focus on the needs of the customer. Everything we do, from our optimization to site design and content has three goals: It must attract, retain and convert visitors into leads, sales and customer contacts. The results we achieve in all three goals are the source of our outstanding reputation.

Minnesota Web Design and SEO Services for Maximum Conversion

Powerful SEO that delivers top rankings for clients is just one aspect of eRevamp’s services. We’ll show you how successful we are at SEO, but that’s just the beginning of what we do for our clients. Our website designs and dynamic marketing copywriting are focused on providing the best possible user experience for searchers who land on your pages. We will show you those results, too. If your current website is not delivering the leads and sales you need, call eRevamp for a free site evaluation and consultation. Let us show you what we can accomplish for your internet marketing. Our price quotes are always competitive, but our record of success is exemplary. Contact us today to get started.