Search Engine Optimization vs Social Media Marketing

  • Have you found out that marketing on Facebook and Twitter is a waste of time?
  • Do your potential customers search for your products and services on Facebook?
  • Can Twitter posts and social media “likes” generate sales?

Social media venues like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are getting a lot of attention these days. Much of that “buzz” is generated by a new crop of recent college graduates looking for a business to start. They use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram constantly and think they can turn that experience into a career. Social media “gurus” approach businesses frequently with pitches for expensive social media campaigns. Can investing in social marketing help increase your revenues? Can you replace your more traditional website and search engine optimization with this new marketing method?

Unless you own a business that provides products and services that a large number of customers need on a regular basis, like a nightclub, bar, trendy restaurant or entertainment venue, the answer is a resounding NO. The bottom line is that people do not search for products and services on any of the social venues. Facebook and Twitter are for personal interactions, and have very little to do with business, except for the few exceptions listed above. It simply cannot substitute for a well designed and optimized website in providing the information people need to choose businesses to patronize. Before you consider any investment in Facebook and Twitter marketing, ask yourself these questions:

Search Engine Optimization Outperforms Social Media Marketing by Far

If you’re thinking about exploring marketing on social media venues, it’s probably because your current website and search engine optimization isn’t working. If that’s the case, pumping money into social media won’t help. Ultimately, your website is where leads are generated and sales are made. No matter where you attract potential customers, your website needs to do an excellent job convincing people to choose your services and products over your competitors’. To get the maximum return from your internet marketing budget, invest in an outstanding search engine optimized website. You’ll get the lowest cost per action and much stronger results. As Minnesota’s leading web design, SEO and internet marketing company, the professionals at eRevamp be glad to consult with you and show you what it takes to grow your profits online. Call us for a free evaluation of your current marketing strategy and for a price quote on a search engine-based website marketing plan that will truly make your company competitive.