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  • Do you know how your website ranks for searches people actually use?
  • Why are your competitors getting better search engine rankings?
  • Do you think your web design company really understands SEO?

Think for a minute about how you found this website. You searched on Google, Yahoo or Bing by typing in some keyword phrases. A link appeared at or near the top of a results page. Take a minute or two and try some searches for the goods or services your company offers. Searching for your business name doesn’t count. Did your own site consistently show up at the top of search results? If not, your search engine optimization isn’t working. If your potential customers and clients can’t find you by searching, they will never know you exist. That’s the painful truth. If the company that designed your website didn’t get top-of-the-page search results for you, nothing else they did matters.

Excellent search engine marketing is a highly technical and painstaking job. We know that, because we’ve been implementing great optimization for our clients since the very first search engines went online. At eRevamp, we’ve watched all of the changes Google has made very closely and monitor its ranking algorithm changes constantly. That’s because we understand that without visitors in large numbers, no internet marketing strategy can work. To achieve maximum success for our clients, we know that we must excel in search engine results performance. Here’s what you need to know about SEO:

Empty promises from web design companies cannot deliver genuine success. Hard work and proven strategies bring visitors to your website, retain them and convert them into the new leads and sales you need. If your website development company can’t show you real results they have achieved, their promises are meaningless. eRevamp, the top search engine optimization agency in Minneapolis and St. Paul, has been providing clients with top search engine rankings from the very beginning. At the link above, you’ll find concrete evidence of how our hard work and knowledge has produced extraordinary results for our clients.

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You don’t rely on guesswork and vague promises to run your business. When it comes to your online marketing, you should insist on proof of performance before choosing a firm. How any search engine optimization firm will perform for you can be predicted, based on how they have helped their existing clients. If your current web marketing isn’t producing excellent revenues and growth, it’s time for a change. Contact the experts at eRevamp today for a free evaluation of your current site and its SEO implementation. We’ll give you straight answers and show you how we create a strategies for success. When you see what we have delivered for our satisfied clients, you’ll understand why we’re your best choice.