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  • Do you know why most websites can’t be found on Google?
  • Why can’t most web designers provide solid SEO?
  • Why does cheap SEO do more harm to your web site and business?

Every business owner needs to understand some basic facts about SEO. First, almost all business comes from people who find companies by searching on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Second, people rarely use the keywords and phrases you expect in their searches. Third, getting high rankings on Google is very difficult, especially for businesses with many competitors. Finally, no matter how effective your search optimization is, it’s just the first step in getting new leads, customers and sales. Search engine marketing is a highly complex, technical process, involving a thorough understanding of how search engines operate and how site visitors behave. It can’t be done easily, cheaply or quickly.

As the most experienced web design and SEO firm in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, eRevamp provides truly powerful optimization services using time-tested techniques. Based on extensive research, statistical analysis, and deep knowledge of search engine operations, the specialists at eRevamp employ optimization that is integral to every aspect of website design. We would like to explain to you how SEO really works and why you shouldn’t trust your website’s optimization to anyone but experienced professionals. Our results for our long-term clients tell the story. We consistently move their websites to the top of search results pages and push their competitors down. Anything less is a waste of money:

Top-Notch SEO Consulting Service – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

As the Twin Cities leader in search engine marketing and optimization, our prices are competitive, but our performance is superior. Through research, long experience and an integrated, results-oriented approach to site design, content and marketing strategies, our dedication and expertise gives our clients the business-growing edge they need. Whether you’re starting a new business or are dissatisfied with the performance of your current internet marketing, contact us. At no charge to you, and with no obligation, we’ll evaluate your current site, discuss your goals and plans, and give you a price quote for a complete SEO campaign that will give you the return on investment you need.