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  • How do over 90% of customers find the products and services they need?
  • How many search engine users only click on organic listings?
  • How do people actually search for and select websites to visit?

The internet first made its appearance in the mid-1990s. Just 20 years later, marketing online has become the most effective way to generate new revenues and profits for millions of businesses. However, many companies have invested heavily in their web sites, but failed to produce the results they expected. The top reason why a business website fails is its lack of exposure on search engines. If your company has a web site that can’t rank high in the organic search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing, your competition will get the customers and become more dominant. As traditional advertising strategies, like Yellow Pages advertisements, TV and radio commercials, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines attract fewer and fewer customers, companies with websites that are little more than pretty business cards will have a difficult time surviving in a highly competitive environment.

Today, 90% of business traffic in all sectors comes from just one source: search engines. People looking for products and services go to Google, Yahoo and Bing and type what they’re looking for into those search engines. They search on their desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and smart phones. In the search results pages that appear, they click through to visit websites that appear at the top of the first page of listings. Any business site that doesn’t show up high in those listings gets no visits at all. It’s that simple. The question is: How do you get your company at the top of organic search engine results? The answer is simple: Search Engine Optimization. If your website isn’t ideally optimized, your competitors benefit the most.

Outstanding Organic SEO Is Essential to Business Survival

If your current website can’t be found for a wide range of search keywords and phrases on Google and other search engines, you need expert help. You need it now. As the leading web design, organic SEO and internet marketing firm in Minnesota, eRevamp has been helping companies in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota get top search engine rankings since the internet began. We want to help you understand how SEO works and why choosing a company that can get the results you need is essential. Here are the facts you need:

Organic Website Optimization Requires Expertise and Experience

Search engine optimization must be part of every aspect of your website’s design. That’s why you need to choose a designer that makes SEO its highest priority. As the top-rated web design and search engine marketing firm in Minnesota, every service by eRevamp has top search engine results rankings as the goal. Experienced professionals who understand exactly what search engines are looking for create your site’s design and dynamic marketing content. Extensive research and a deep understanding of Google’s ranking methods is the basis for our expertise.

In our ongoing organic SEO management, we constantly work to improve ranking performance and move the sites we create higher in search results, often with multiple listings, while pushing their competitors’ listings down. At the same time, our pages effectively keep visitors on the site and convert them into active customers and clients. Our results speak for themselves, and we’ll be happy to show you what we have accomplished for our satisfied clients.

Proven Web Design, SEO, and Marketing Services in Minnesota

If your current website isn’t ranked highly for a wide range of keyword phrases and isn’t delivering a constant stream of new leads, don’t think that nothing can be done. Instead, contact eRevamp today. At no charge to you, and with no obligation, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your website and help you understand why it’s not working. We’ll arrange a consultation with you and provide a competitive price quote for a comprehensive new strategy that’s designed for success. Let us show you what we’ve achieved for our long-term clients. When you see our results, you’ll understand why we’re your best choice.