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  • Do you believe that website content doesn’t really matter?
  • What is the relationship between content and SEO?
  • How does your site’s content affect visitor retention and conversion?

Web design, done correctly, involves every element of a business site. For internet and search engine optimization to increase business revenues, everything about its strategy is crucial and deserves equally close attention. The content on any web page is even more important than the look and feel of that page. That’s something that is obviously misunderstood by many website development and SEO companies. Evidence of that is clear when you look at random business sites. Often, pages you land on are dominated by graphical images to the extent that real information is almost nonexistent. Such websites produce low search engine rankings.

Visitors who come to a website are always looking for something. They want information, answers to questions, and help in making decisions. Providing exactly that is the job of textual content. The amount of content, its quality, and how well it speaks to visitors plays a huge role in the user’s experience. It makes the difference between a person who lands on a site but leaves almost immediately and a visitor who becomes an active lead, customer or client. At eRevamp, a leader in designing top-ranking websites, we understand how important outstanding marketing content is to business revenues. We want to help you understand why. The links below will explain:

Excellent, Informative Web Content Means SEO Success – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

As the most trusted website optimization company in the Twin Cities, every website we create is a team project. For each client, eRevamp brings together experienced designers, search engine optimizers, and seasoned content writers who have proven track records. Success for every client is our only priority. The sites we create cut no corners and are designed to attract, retain and convert visitors into active, motivated leads and customers. Our results are seen in increased sales and profitability over the long term for a long list of satisfied clients. Call eRevamp for a free analysis of your current internet marketing. We’ll show you why you’re not getting the results you were promised and explain how we can help your business grow and thrive.