Choosing the Right Minnesota Internet Marketing and Advertising Agency

  • Is an old-fashioned advertising agency the right choice to design your website?
  • Do you know why branding shouldn’t be your top priority?
  • Why are stale advertising concepts useless on the internet?

Well-established businesses of all sizes used to rely on advertising in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and the Yellow Pages to attract customers. To help those companies, advertising agencies provided the talent, graphic designs, video production, radio jingles and other collateral connected with traditional advertising. Those days are long gone. Now, new business is stimulated when prospective customers access Google and other search engines on computers, tablets and smart phones. It’s a new world, and old advertising and marketing concepts no longer work.

The telephone company no longer automatically delivers the Yellow Pages, and cell phone users haven’t seen a phone book for years. Radio is a dying medium, and newspaper and magazine circulations are plummeting. TV watchers have hundreds of channels and most viewers record programs and fast-forward through the commercials. Websites and search engines dominate business marketing today. As advertising agencies’ billings started dropping, they tried to adapt by targeting internet marketing and going into the web design and search engine optimization business. They fail, because the internet is different from old media. Advertising agency executives simply don’t understand how it works.

Website and Search Engine Marketing Requires New Strategies

As the Minneapolis St. Paul area’s leading web design, SEO and internet marketing firm, eRevamp started online marketing services at the same time as the internet. From the beginning, we recognized that this new phenomenon would soon replace old business marketing methods. We started building websites for ourselves and for clients who recognized how important web marketing would become. It was clear immediately that old advertising concepts and strategies didn’t work on the internet. As search engines began to appear, we knew that it wouldn’t be long before consumers would switch to them to find the products and services they needed. Through our early start and constant study we learned the strategies and requirements for successful marketing in this new medium. We’ve never stopped learning, because change and evolution is the nature of website and search engine marketing. We constantly refine our methods and techniques.

In the meantime, as revenues collapsed for advertising agencies, they began trying to adapt to this new environment. Almost daily, we hear from their clients, who call us to try to find out why their expensive advertising campaigns are no longer delivering leads and customers. They need real results. Here is what we have discovered:

Proven Web Design and SEO Internet Marketing Firm in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

If your business is still using its old advertising agency to handle web design and internet marketing, you’re not getting the revenue-building results you deserve. It’s time for a change. If you’re starting a new business, don’t be taken in by “Yellow Pages” website salespeople. You won’t get the business growth you need to survive. Contact eRevamp for a fresh approach. eRevamp is the Minnesota leader in website design and search engine optimization. Let us show you the results we’ve provided for our many satisfied clients. If you have a non-productive website, we’ll evaluate it at no charge and help you understand why it’s not working. Let us give you a competitive price quote for our services in a no-obligation consultation. You need business success. We mean business.